7 useful tips on how to use KuboPro

Are you new to KuboPro? Please watch these videos to know more of the basics.

Here’s an overview on what’s inside KuboPro. Learn the basics and experience awesomeness of having a KuboPro account.

We make Pigeon Racing FUN AGAIN!

FB Messenger KuboPro Clock-in Guide

No SMS credits? No problem!

Clock-in using FB Messenger! It’s fast and it’s FREE.

Come and give it a try. Click the link here to send your clock-in messages

-> m.me/kuboproclockin

Event Management

This is a tutorial/guide for club administrators on how to create events and manage race entries.

KuboPro simplifies everything, making race entries encoding such a bliss for club administrators.

We can also create multiple categories that will suite the club’s needs. We can also create multiple events or races in a day. Pretty exciting right?

This is a tutorial/guide for club administrators on how to create accounts for their club members. Club admins may also invite existing KuboPro accounts from other clubs.

Players may login to their account to clock-in, view the results, join club events, and see other cool stuffs inside. Reminder that a player can use one (1) KuboPro account for multiple clubs.

SMS Clock-in vs Online Clock-in

SMS, Web, Mobile App, QR-code/Data Matrix, FB Messenger, choose your weapon, I mean, clock-in method.

KuboPro offers multiple ways of clocking-in to ensure that you won’t miss the race and your bird is properly timed.

Check the status of own Pigeon Entries

One cool feature of KuboPro is that, club members may encode or join their own race entries in advance, prior to the event proper or race date. This will greatly save encoding time and effort for both club members and club administrators, resulting in shorter pooling lines.

Club members may check if all of their race entries are properly encoded in a specific event or race. This will ensure them that there would be no ‘encoding’ issues during clocking-in.

Self-load koins

Top-up your own koins anytime anywhere. This video will guide you on how to self-load koins using GCash and GrabPay.

And of course, enjoy the 10% additional koins.