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KuboPro is an Online Pigeon Race Clocking and Club Management System developed for pigeon fanciers. As we are fully aware of the newly available technologies for pigeon race clocking, we also understand that everyone deserves to have access to these techniques. Hence, our goal is to provide high quality, reliable, secured, effective, and easy to manage clocking system at low cost. By using KuboPro, you can have a new great experience racing with your club. Should you wish to learn more about our features, please contact us and we will set a demo schedule for your club.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Secured Server

Our goal is to ensure that your racing and club management experience are the things you don’t need to worry about. KuboPro is available 24/7 to deliver the best services to you.

Quick and Accurate

We have the FASTEST and MOST ACCURATE clocking system available. Instantly giving all the results and data you need. KuboPro offers analytics that could help you win more games.

Easy to use

Let’s forget about the complexities of the other clocking systems. We SIMPLIFIED EVERYTHING to bring to you better experience and results that really matters.



We make things happen

Our Friends


Fly with us

We make use of the latest technologies to serve you better

Super fast

Clock-in and get your results instantly.  Like in a blink of an eye.


Optimized for mobile phones, Tablets, & PCs

KuboPro adapts to any device and always delivers a great user experience.


No more Long Pooling Lines

We know everybody’s time is precious. KuboPro has a unique way of handling Club Events that will put smiles on our faces.



KuboPro gives you a ton of reports and analytics to help you make better decisions.


Get in Touch

Book for a demo. We are very much glad to assist you
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